~SANDI'S Awards
Please enjoy my awards pages. It
is such an honor to receive these.
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My first award May 6,2000
..From my Friend and Mentor

Thanks FancyLadyRider...your a pal and a pretty good teacher ..if I may say so

This Award is from my friend Marla..Fouch220, given to me on July 8,2000< font color="black">

Thank You Marla...you are a sweetie..even for a Wicked Woman from West Virginia


Recieved this lovely award 7/12/2000 from MerryDon
Thank You MerryDon

Thank you Merry Don


Thank You LadyHawke for your lovely award....kindness seems to be your destiny..

This award is from The Peachy Poet...his work is lovely and mine pales...Thank you Duwayne!

This award was given to me from Whispurrtome...the sister of my heart for 30 years...

Thank You Sharane....you know what you mean to me...

This lovely award was given to me by Hwyhobo aka Whitey....

Thanks Whitey...it is much appreciated

This Award was given to this site by Rosebud

Thank You Rosebud

This award is from a lovely lady in New York....

Thank you Sue...



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