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photosin the key of life

Welcome to our house...come on in and meet the family...don't be surprised if you bump into a few friends as well. Everyone is welcome at our home...there's always room for one more!

So please....Come right in and get ready to meet some very nice name is Sandi and this is my world, outside the web.
(and now)
This is the love of my life, Joe, my husband of 25 years and I. When he is not at work and occupied with the house, myself, or the can find him working on his page..Papapoochs'.

Sit a while and chat with my dad...Leborts on web...he enjoys company and is quite the kidder.

These are the grandkids...Isabel 9 and Joey 8.....better known as PetitePooch and Jumpin'JoePooch on the web....don't linger too long there, they will talk your ears off!!

This is a memory is my mom and dad 51 years ago,when they were first married ...Mama passed on last January, and we all miss her very much.

Mother and Father were married for 51 years and a love story like theirs ....was sight to behold.

This is Amber and her children, Kammy and Cody(sorry Mike,her hubby was at work) they are like family to us and have been since Mike was 2.

Meet Judi(FancyLadyRider)she has been my mentor on the web and has become a great friend and sister of the heart..
Now you can say hello to Marla(fouch220) she is my buddy from West Virginia...she can be a spitfire

Here pretty as you please, is the bedazzling Granny Bee (Barb to all) the sweetheart of web.

This is Carol and her hubby..she is better known as Seajay on web..if Seajay can't make you smile, you don't have a funny bone!

Please, make the acquaintance of Chris,Zora and Vince...lovely e-mail buddies from South Carolina.

These are the sweetness of our home and the evergiving joy in our lives...our friends and our family...what some would call our pets...but we call our loves...
This is D.C., he is our 14 year old "King of the Household"

This is Kazabar our 11 year old resident "Junkyard Dog" who hasnt quite figured out he is not the king.

I will add new pictures as my friends and family get them to, as I said before....drop in often, you never know what nice people you may bump into.....til then, May the Dear Lord Bless and Keep You and Hold You In the Palm of His Hand...