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Day 16
We offer thanks
To Thee in prayer
For mealtime blessings
We now share

Day 17
We thank Thee for Daddy
who earns our food.
We thank Thee for Mother
who cooks it so good.
We thank Thee for all of
the blessings that come,
Into our hearts and into our home

Day 18
Thank You, God ,for the food we eat
And for the clothes we wear.
Please bless our family today
As Thy great love we share.

Day 19
Dear God,
We thank Thee for things that make life glad
For home and friends, for mother and Dad
For a Heavenly Father , so kind an good
Who gives us now this daily food.

Day 20
We invite you to be present, Lord
At our table every day,
Bless this food to strengthen us
And help us walk Your way.