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Day 26
Dear God, as we eat together
This meal today
We thank You
for good things
You send our way

Day 27
For sun and rain and golden grain.
For food and family,
We thank You God.
because we know these blessings
come from Thee........Amen

Day 28
We thank Thee who made the earth so bright,
So full of love and joy and light,
For good food to eat and warm clothes to wear
And because Thy love is everywhere

Day 29
We know that You hear us
Each time that we pray,
So we say,"Thank You, God"
for these blessings today

Day 30
Lord watch over us all thru the day
and forever and ever along the way
hold us close to your sweet heart
so from You we shall never part.

Bless all the children upon this land
and all the "parents" whom hold their hands

Hold one another close...and love one another well....with love....justsandi.