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Oh dear Lord,
this day is finished and oh so done..
I'll lie me down,
and pray your sweet embrace I've won.
Oh sweet Lord,
I pray you're pleased with this day
done so true....
Each and every
moment I'll try to pledge anew

You are my
inspiration, my breath in every day.
Why I try
to show love in everything I say.
So goodnight,
my sweetest friend, my dear Lord,
my God.....
My own strength
Please watch over every road I trod.

Please hold me
close throughout the darkness of
the night.
Thank you Lord,
for listening to those of us so slight....

We are but dust in the wind..
yet each breath we take is
of consequence to One greater
than us....what ever you call
your are blessed
in His site.....God Bless you
and all...

scribblings by justsandi & page design by Whispurrtome

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