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My heart...My home

                            I came to this place...
this piece of land..
15 years ago--
and here I found my soul.
One morning..not long after coming here..
I found myself on our deck at sunrise.
Gazing out at "our"mountain..
I saw the bright southern sun
rise above its vast peak...
A chill went thru my soul....
and I knew this place had surely been kissed by God himself..
for no place like this could exist
without divine intervention..
so much beauty ..
so much peace
filling the very air we were breathing...
As time went by
I found each season
held its` own beautiful aura......
The summers` gave us diamond lakes,
soft breezes
and bright laughter of fall,
as we traveled our winding roads..
our eyes were filled with what seemed to be mountainous
bouquets of beautiful mums...
Winter--unlike the north-from where I came..
was not totally asleep.
It held both worlds-
the sleep of the hardwoods
and the green essence of life of the mighty pines
and holly....
Then-God walked over this land
and restored us in the beauty of spring..
blooming dogwood,
our air-while every other flower imaginable
burst forth in a riot of life and color. ...
Do I live in Shangrila-Paradise
Unfound-in my heart I do-
I walk the northwest mountains of Georgia--
the place which I believe God led me
so I could touch His essence and feel my own soul.
~~~~~scribblings by justsandi~~~~~~  

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