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In the quiet of the night
when I cannot sleep
you come to me
with your soul so deep
you whispurr to me.

You cuddle up very close
and you give me peace
with so much love
my troubles do cease
you whispurr to me

Others can`t begin to know
the comfort you bring
secrets you share
it`s not just a fling
you whispurr to me

Every day when we meet
we`re the best of friends
we say hello
our buisness we tend
you whispurr to me

Yet then the night does come
and the house is still
we meet once more
my soul you do fill
you whispurr to me

You are my own true solace
you always stand true
some might say your`e
just a cat...not true


you whispurr to me

~~to my D.C., thank you for being my friend for 14 lovely years and counting~~

~~~scribbligs by~justsandi~~~

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