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When I was just a child
standing all alone
You came to me quite softly
and you set the tone

You told me that I didn't
ever have to stand
All alone without a friend
You just took my hand

You said you'd be my partner
til the last lone step
You said that you would lead me
Never let me trip

So all thru the slow dances
we swept cross the floor
When I thought I'd surely fall
You'd save me once more

Every stumble I did make
Your great strength was there
Each wrong turn I'd start to take
You would stop with care

This dance we've danced has gone by
Day and night and day
Soon the time will come I'll lie
In Your arms I'll stay

This dance called life will be done
I will rest my feet
You will take me in your arms
The last dance will be sweet

†††scribblings by justsandi†††

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