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Isabel Rita
Sometimes my heart sings and my soul cries out
Others it is the opposite....
the day my beloved mother died
both my heart and soul cried out,
or so I thought.
Really it was only my earthly self
my eyes,
my brain just that part of me
i think, I knew in my heart and soul,
mother was where she had strived to be her whole life.
I did not weep for her
(for my mother loved God with all her heart
and truly believed in his promises)
I wept for all the days and moments
I would long to share with her
all the laughter and tears
I thought she would no longer be a part of
but you see,
I now realize,
she will always be with me.
For I am her daughter,
whom she loved and nutured
for the better part of her life
I am so very much a part of her
that she will stay with me
till I am able to pass on
to hold her hand once more.
She would not want me to dwell on her passing,
but share her goodness right here
so she could smile
I will do my best
~~~love justsandi~~~
~HEAVENLY WISHES~ I'm your guardian angel...
I watch over you each day
from my little moonbeam
in the heavens far away.
Your friends have called upon me
To keep you in my care...
It's quite evident that your sad cause I'm not there
I called upon your friends so very dear!
To help you get through this
and see that you don't falter
and keep you safe and sound
cause I'm your Mother and your angel
Sent with wishes and love from above.
~to my sandi~love Mom~
~OUR ANGEL MOTHER~ God Chose An Angel From Above
An Angel Sweet And Fair
He Placed A Rainbow Round Her Head
To Crown Her Lovely Hair
He Gathered Sunbeams For Her Smile
From Out Of The Sky Above
He Carved A Heart Of Solid Gold
Then Sprinkled It With Love
He Picked The Stars From The Heavens
To Give Her Eyes Bright Hue
He Gave Her Courage,Faith And Hope
To Last Her Whole Life Thru
God Chose An Angel From Above
So Sweet And Fair To See
He Called That Angel Mother
And Gave That Angel To me
Dearest Mom
Did you ever know that you our my hero?
your the wind beneath my wings

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